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All the sailor senshi (and some other minor characters) are assigned birthdays in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Chibiusa's is June 30 (the same day as her mother's, Usagi's), while Hotaru's is January 6. In addition to all the other statistical information of these two senshi, exploring their personalities in relation to their zodiac signs could provide more interesting insight into their predicted character, as told by the stars. The Chinese Zodiac is not featured in this selection because I am personally not sure what year to use for Hotaru (since using either her first birth or reincarnation birth year doesn't seem entirely accurate), and figuring out what Chibiusa's animal would be for a year in the 30th century would require more calculations than I personally have time to compute.

June 30 - Cancer
Known as "The Nurtuer"
Ruling Planet - Moon
Symbol - The Crab
Gemstone - Moonstone

A person born under the sign of Cancer will have constantly fluctuating moods. This is related to the sign's ruling planet, the Moon, which undergoes a number of phases in the course of a month. Cancers are one of the most sensitive of the zodiac; this allows them to easily relate to others, and to pick up on their emotions. If someone is suffering close to them, Cancers can't help but extend a hand in hopes of aiding that person in some shape, way, or form. Having a good family relations, domesticity, and being secure are all essential to those of this sign. Cancers feel most secure and comfortable in their own homes, but have an itch for traveling. Cancers have a firm place in reality, but also believe in their hopes and dreams. They are known to be hard workers, and also manage money well.

My Thoughts: I personally believe Usagi defines this zodiac sign more than her daughter, but Chibiusa does show a majority of Cancer characteristics. The young girl can have some mood swings, but she an overall mature person, especially for being so young. She is a bit sensitive, but she can easily read other's emotions, and will not hesitate to help someone who is suffering (which works out perfectly when she first meets Hotaru, and has a desire to help her new friend). It's obvious Chibiusa cares very much for her family, and enjoys a sense of security (but can also take care of herself when needed). Even though the young girl is a time traveler, she still loves her home and parents. Since she is mature, she has a good grip on reality, but she is working hard towards her goal of being a wonderful lady like her mother.

January 6 - Capricorn
Known as "The Worker"
Ruling Planet - Saturn
Symbol - The Goat
Gemstone - Garnet

A person born under the sign of Capricorn is industrious, efficient, and disciplined. They are naturally hard workers (the most efficient sign in the whole zodiac). Capricorns most wonderful characteristics are ambition, determination, and resiliency. They have the undefeatable persistance to overcome any obstical in their path. Capricorns are not people who will wait around for an opportunity to arise, instead they will create their own to obtain what they desire. However, they are patient, and will use whatever methods necessary to get what they want (as long as it's moral and just). Due to this trait, people born under this sign are comfortable as the leader of a group. Because they are so concerned about getting done what needs to be done, they can have difficulty expressing their feelings. Also, their fierce hard-working can cause isolation from others, so Capricorns can experience times of loneliness. Out of all the zodiac signs, Capricorns need the most love. If a large task must be completed, it would be wise to put a Capricorn on the job, because they are very dependable and responsible.

My Thoughts: Well, I think there's no arguring that Hotaru and Saturn are both very hard workers. Hotaru is certainly industrious, efficient, and disciplined. She is also very determined and resilient (not only does she survive with the sufferings of being a cyborg, she has deal with the fact that her senshi power will cause her to sacrifice her life for the good of the planet, and being reborn countless times cannot be an easy challenge to deal with). Being persistent, assertive, and leading seem to apply more to Saturn, but describe her well (she will not back down from a fight, even at the cost of her life, and will protect the planet with a power that has the potential to destory so much). In the S season especially, Hotaru has frequent trouble expressing her feelings and experiences loneliness because of her unique hosting problem, which causes others to abandon her out of fear. Yet, Hotaru is very dependable and responsible (which may be some of the reasons why Saturn was assigned her powers).

To see even more detailed information for the exact birthdays of Chibiusa and Hotaru, follow this link.