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Here are the galleries featured on DoaLH. I've included all the mediums which contain these two girls, since neither of them are featured in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon (the live action series which aired in 2003). I plan to have galleries for individual images of Chibiusa and Hotaru, but for right now, I've chosen to focus on the pair together. Sera Myu (the musical specials) will have galleries as soon as I can download the specials featuring them, and take some screen captures.

These images are free for the taking, but credit would be appreciated. I spent many hours capturing these images from my DVDs, sharpening them up, and making them available to you, the viewer. Also, I ask you do not direct link any images from this site. Without further delay, enjoy some pictures of these two, cute girls.

Anime Gallery

Manga Gallery

Sera Myu Gallery (Coming soon)