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Why make this shrine?

Why did I spend the time to create this shrine to these two young ladies? Well, a long time ago, when I first became interested in Sailormoon, I used to watch the anime on television. I saw the first season during the morning, then one day when I was flipping through channels, I discovered Sailormoon was also on in the afternoons. I managed to skip the second season somehow, but caught the beginning of the third season. The introduction of Uranus and Neptune was a nice change, and I liked the general feel of the show. However, at the time, it wasn't one of my absolute favourite shows. Later on in the season, after Chibiusa (or Rini in my case) had returned to the past to train as a sailor senshi (scout), she happened to have a chance encounter with a very pretty but fragile girl. Hotaru fascinated me as a character, but evenmoreso was the light Chibiusa brought to Hotaru's darkness. Watching these two, I was amazed and touched by how such opposites could connect and support one another. Their loyality and care for each other was so inspiring, and they made me see the whole series in a new light.

After I got into webpage making, I knew I wanted to make a site dedicated to these two and their adorable relationship. I believe they are inspiring and deserve their own little place in the vast world of the internet.