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01/30/16: Well, I keep looking like a liar, don't I? I have been trying to find time for this site, but I have so many other responsibilities that have been stealing away my attention. However, there's not much more for the anime gallery, and I'm hoping to have that done before the new season of Crystal is released. It's so exciting to be able to see Chibiusa and Hotaru bonding all over again, especially now that it will follow the manga's plot more closely. I will have screen caps up for the episodes that star our girls in Crystal, I can assure you (I'll also be working on a gallery for the newest Sera Myu, since their duet killed me with beauty). In the meantime, I'll be working on other pages and finishing up the 90's anime gallery (still surreal thinking there's two animes now). If anyone has any other ideas for pages they would like to see, or issues explained, please let me know!

07/02/13: Although there hasn't been many updates, I haven't forgetten about this little shrine, and am planning to have some things done before the end of the summer. So, please look forward to having a little fresh air swept through the pages of this corner of the internet.

11/28/09: Sorry for the lack of updates, school and work have taken up most of my time. I was hoping to update the gallery, but I haven't gotten time to take the screen captures. However, I do have good news. On September 6th, DoaLH was accepted into the Deep Submerge Directory! I consider this to be a great honour, and I encourage you to visit the directory. It's filled with great Sailormoon sites, some wonderful old ones, and some newer sites that are worth a visit. I've also updated the site with a new header provided by yen_sama, so now the banner has the name of this shrine. Thanks again, yen_sama for all the help! The next update (which will be much sooner than this one was) will have screen caps for the next episode, and maybe even the episode after that if I can find enough time. Please, look out for it.

08/03/09: DoaLH finally hits the internet waves! I'm very happy to have this shrine up and running again. I missed my old Moon Princess Heaven, and now this site is back better than ever. I hope to keep expanding on this shrine, and hope you visitors enjoy your time here. Please look forward to more updates in the near future.