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Hotaru and Chibiusa's Profile

Hotaru's Statistics:
Birthday - January 6
Sign - Capricorn
Blood Type - AB
Favourite Colour - Purple
Hobby - Collecting lamps (Anime one - Reading)
Favourite Food - Japanese Soba (buckwheat noodles)
Least Favourite Food - Milk
Best Subject - World History
Worst Subject - Physical Education
Weak Point - Marathons
Special Skill - Injury Treatment
Dream - To be a nurse
Favourite Sport - Table tennis
Hopes to go to - Florence
Fortune Telling - Anthomancy
Habit - Hangs head
(The last four are included only in anime profiles.)

Chibiusa's Statistics:
Birthday - June 30
Sign - Cancer
Blood Type - O
Favourite Colour - Red and Pink (Anime only - red)
Hobby - Collecting rabbit goods (Anime only - Magic tricks)
Favourite Food - Pudding
Least Favourite Food - Carrots
Best Subject - Manual-Arts Class
Worst Subject - Language Arts
Weak Point - House-watching (Anime only - Ghosts)
Special Skill - Coaxing (Anime only - Pink Sugar Heart Attack)
Dream - To be a lady
Household - Father and Mother
Favourite Sport - ...
Hopes to go to - The Moon
Fortune Telling - Cartomancy
Habit - Upward glance
Pet She Hopes to Raise - Rabbit
Motto - I am a graceful lady.
(The last seven are included only in anime profiles.)