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How do you feel towards their friendship?

I believe it's fairy obvious how precious the bond between Chibiusa and Hotaru is to me, but what about you, the viewer?

Surely, you find their friendship to be inspiring and such (or else, why would you be visiting this site?). Well, let other fans out there know how Chibiusa's and Hotaru's friendship has affected your life. Do you value your own friendships more? Has it taught you opposites can be more similar than you first assumed? Or could it be those two together just give you a warm feeling inside, and another thing to appreciate in this series known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon? Please, let others know how their friendship has affected you. If you have any negative feelings towards this pairing, please be sure to back up your statement with reasons. Submitting a response of "This pair is terrible, the end" doesn't help anyone.

So, to submit your responses and feelings, please email me, and I'll be sure to include them on this page.