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History of DoaLH

I was curious one day, and wondered if anything Sailormoon related would be on the internet. Little did I know, there was a whole slew of Sailormoon information, pictures, and websites. I was very interested in everything the world wide web had to offer, but I was also slightly disappointed. In all my searching, I only found one Chibiusa and Hotaru shrine. So, I decided, why shouldn't I try my hand at web design? My shrine first started on Homestead (under the name Moon Princess Heaven), and was pretty bad.

After a while, I moved to Geocities and started to expand. My site was still pretty bad design wise. It had all the usual annoying traits of repeating midi background music, repeating background picture, a trail of words that would follow your cursor, no thumbnails in the gallery, etc., etc. Still, I was proud of my young site and some people seemed to find it enjoyable. When I became a bit more serious about my website, I eventually purchased a domain. However, by this time, I was starting high school and my life was rapidly changing. My interest in website building declined, and I left my little shrine in limbo.

Years later, I was visiting a Sailormoon website, and I began to wonder how the Sailormoon face of the web had changed. Many old sites I remembered had either went static or disappeared. I was disappointed by this, and even more saddened when I discovered the only Chibiusa and Hotaru shrine on the web had also vanished. My passion flared again, and I knew I had to give my little shrine another go. I set up my domain, and got to work on this site (under the new and more appropriate name Drop of a Little Hat). Even though I will be working on more shrines than just this one, this website will always hold a place in my heart because it was my first and will always be my pride and joy.