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Favourite Foods

Chibiusa's favourite food is pudding, while Hotaru's favourite food is Japanese soba (buckwheat noodles). I'm going to assume most people know what pudding is, so I don't believe it deserves an explaination, but I remember being a young, American girl, and having no idea what "soba" was. So, in case anyone else out there is confused, here's a brief explaination of Hotaru's favourite food.

Soba held up on chopsticksBuckwheat noodles are thin noodles made from buckwheat flour. The noodles can be served either chilled or in a hot soup. Any thick noodle can be called soba in contrast to udon, which are thick noodles made from wheat (as opposed to flour). Quick and inexpensive, this dish is very common in Japanese cuisine.

One question, in regards to Chibiusa's favourite food, would be why pudding? It seems clear the young, pink-haired girl is a big fan of pancakes in the anime, while in the manga, she doesn't seem to have a favourite dish (as long as it's sweet). I can only say Ms. Takeuchi knows her characters better than myself.