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How do Chibiusa and Hotaru's favourite colours relate to their personalities?
Every sailor solider has a favourite colour, or a colour that is associated with them. Chibiusa's colour is pink, while Hotaru's colour is purple. Both of these colours are vital parts of their sailor fuku (uniforms), but are also their favourite colours. So, do these colours reveal anything about these two girls?

Pink is the colour of universal love; it is a quiet colour. People who find pleasure in beauty are attracted to pink. Pink is a combination of red and white. The amount of energy is controlled by the amount of red in the pink mixture. White represents a potential for fullness, while the red helps to achieve that potential. Pink combines the passion of red with the openess of white. The colour pink promotes calming feelings, a repression of disorder, a relaxation, and a feeling of acceptance/contentment. While wearing pink, you are giving off the message that you are a peaceful, calm person who is not threatening. Lighter shades of pink are associated with femininity (this is why pale shades of pink are used to represent baby girls), and deeper shades aid in reducing feelings of friction or stress.

My Analysis: Pink seems like a very appropriate colour for Chibiusa. She is a young girl who has vast potential, and will one day grow to become a wonderful lady. She doesn't enjoy confrontation, and often in her life is just trying to fit in. I can't think of another colour that better explain Chibiusa in a nutshell.

Purple is the colour of royality, magic, and mystery. Purple is associated with good judgement, and is said to offer peace of mind. The colour purple is regarded as the ideal colour because it is a combination of the warmest and coolest colours (red and blue respectively). The red in purple brings direction to the vastness of blue, which allows for more creative energy to be produced. For this reason, purple is associated with imagination and inspiration. The colour purple allows you to use your creativity to the fullest, to stabilize your life, to erase obstacles, and to calm stress or to energize from depression. If a person is to wear purple, the person may want to be more connected to fantasy, mystery, and their imagination.

My Analysis: A mixture of passion and coolness, or in Hotaru's case, the kind-hearted girl and the soldier of destruction that rests inside her. A colour based on magic, mystery, good judgement, and offers peace of mind sounds like the perfect colour for Hotaru. In addition, I enjoy how the opposite sides of the spectrum apply not only to Hotaru's blood type, but also to her choice of colour.