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Blood Types

Personality Descriptions Based on Blood Types
In Japan (and other Asian cultures), there is an old tradition of labeling certain blood types with different personality traits. Since many anime and manga characters are commonly given blood types, I thought it would be interesting to see how close Hotaru and Chibiusa's blood type personality traits relate to their true personality traits.

Hotaru's blood type is listed as AB. People with blood type AB are difficult to categorize. They can be almost oxymoronic in nature. For example, they are both shy and outgoing. People with this blood type often switch from one side of the spectrum to the other. They are trustworthy and responsible, but become stressed easily. AB people have no trouble helping out or doing favours, as long as it's on their own conditions. They are often interested in the arts and metaphysics. The positive traits of people with AB blood are being cool and collected, while the negative traits are being critical (of themselves and others) and quite indecisive in decision making.

My thoughts: I personally feel Hotaru's personality fits rather well with this analysis, although I believe Hotaru would be willing to help anyone, regardless if it was on her terms. She's also not very indecisive, and seems only critical of villains and their selfish motives.

Chibiusa's blood type is listed as O. People with blood type O are the most flexible of all the blood types. They are outgoing, energetic, and social. They begin many projects, but lose the motivation to follow through with those projects. They are fickle and not very dependable. O people are honest; never afraid to say just what's on their minds. They value other's opinions, and have a need to be the center of attention. People with O blood type are also extremely self-confident.

My thoughts: On the surface, Chibiusa sounds like the ideal type O. Outgoing, energetic, and social couldn't be more accurate. However, Chibiusa doesn't seem to me like the type of person to easily give up on a project, and she is rather dependable (she's helped the sailor senshi save the world; I think that's reason enough to call her dependable). Chibiusa can be very self-confident, but there have been many times where she has questioned her abilities, and feels she isn't good enough (this weakness allows Wiseman to take advantage of her and create Black Lady, in addition to Chibiusa's dismissal of herself as the maiden Helios has been searching for in the SuperS manga prophesy).